Director's Statement

"Truth" is a high school romantic comedy that digs deeply from the lives and stories of average middle class public school students. What makes “Truth” unique is how it reveals the characters and plot, which are derived from true stories. The storyline plays off of “real life” occurrences and the “thoughts and imaginary process” of the self-conscious. At its deepest “Truth” is truly the first of its kind. “In my opinion, I have never seen anything like this before. “Truth” is for all age groups and cultures. You will fall in love again for the 1st time when you see this.”

-Jordan Crafton


We meet our main characters Julien and Truth in their senior year of college at a local night club. Neither Julien nor Truth are ready for what this night has in store for them as an old girlfriend, Jazmin, approaches Julien while in VIP. Julien and Truth's relationship has been on the fence for a little while, but this truly makes things interesting for them.

The series takes you back five years to their senior year in high school where they first met. We also meet friends Chris and Jade who are very influential in Julien and Truth's first meeting. Little do they know, the things that they all go through individually and collectively will help to shape the next five years of their lives. Stay tuned, and you, the audience will be with them every step of the way.


Trailer for "TRUTH"


1st Episode (I'm Single)

2nd Episode (Girl, You Be Killin 'Em)


3rd Episode (But, I Love You Girl)


4th Episode (Can We Talk?)


"TRUTH" Behind The Scenes