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Movie Synopsis

The mission and purpose of this production is to show an unbiased representation of the variety of endeavors shared by Long Island natives. Many locals often refer to Long Island as “The Lost Borough” because the rest of New York tries to forget about us. New York is known as the “mecca” of talent and determination. So, then why wouldn’t Long Island be apart of this? By documenting the lives of these individuals, the viewing audiences will see the hurt and the passion in their lives. “If you can make it here, then you can make it anywhere!” Everything is possible so never quit. That’s what our children are taught!

At its deepest, My Block: Strong Island is about DETERMINATION and the need to persevere in order to achieve goals. It’s also about being steadfast and unmovable as dreamers take that next step forward no matter how difficult or frightening it may seem. Each step will culminate in a triumphant moment that brings them closer to their destiny.
-Jordan Crafton


“We are apart of New York too…We are New York” is the rallying cry of all the residents of Long Island that are driven to be successful in life. Many times when an individual states that their hometown is in Long Island, there is great question whether that is really New York or not. What is it that makes New York, New York? Is it the energy? Is it the determination? Is it the culture? Is it the environment? Or is it simply the will to win?

Long Island better known by the younger generations as “Strong Island” represents everything that the inner cities of New York provide. “If Queens is apart of New York, and Queens is on Long Island, then why isn’t Long Island apart of New York?” questions Nigel Inniss.

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